This is the technical documentation for using software with the large format printer. Audience: Authorized operators of the large format printer.

You can send jobs to the printer from three applications.  Below are the links to instructions for each. 

  1. Photoshop
  2. ColorBurst RIP
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint

When printing images, we've found that Photoshop is generally preferred because you can preview the image, check the file dimensions and print, all from one application.  In addition, files from other programs can be exported or saved to Photoshop format prior to printing. For example, an Illustrator file can be exported to Photoshop format, and an Indesign layout can be printed to PDF and then opened in Photoshop and saved as either PSD or JPG.  Lastly, in our tests we did not see any improvement in the print quality when using the RIP software.

The Epson documentation can be found here.

We have also printed one standard image at various resolutions and using various methods and have posted these on the wall of the room where the printer resides.  Please refer to these images to understand the nuances of how you create your image and how you plan to print it.