Server Shares

Shares on the new MACSSERVER have been set up so that it is very easy for students to connect to the share for their course. Rather than using the Connect to Server function, students may simply open a folder alias to find their share on the server. The instructions below describe this process.

 Shares for the Maclab Account

  1. When you login in to a machine as "maclab" you'll notice a folder on the right side of the dock just to the left of the trash icon.
  2. Open this folder (1) to see a list of all of the server shares listed by course name.
  3. Select the appropriate folder for your course and double click to open it (2).
  4. You will be prompted for your password (3).
  5. You are now looking inside your course's share on the server.
  6. Proceed to copy or access files on the server according to the directions of your instructor.

 Shares for the Habit Account

  1. Habit users access the habit share in a similar way, but instead of looking in the dock, just open the hard drive icon (1) to find your habit share folder sitting inside (2).
  2. Double click to open the folder and then
  3. Enter your habit password (3) to access the share.