Epson Scanners are hooked up to computers on the north wall of the lab. You need to use one of the these computers for scanning. Locate a computer that has a scanner attached to it and do your scanning from that computer.

To Scan

To scan, begin by lifting the lid of the scanner and placing your artwork facedown on the scanner. Next, launch the EPSON Scan utility by clicking its icon on the desktop (1). The main interface for the scanner will appear on the screen. Hit the "Scan" button (2). On the following screens, click through the screens to scan, or adjust settings as necessary and then finish clicking through to scan.

Locating Image

Your scanned image will be placed in the "pictures" folder (1) on your machine (hard drive > users > maclab > pictures). It will have a name like "img00#" with the most recent scans having the highest number at the end (2). Double clicking the img file will open it in preview by default (3). Drag the image onto the photoshop icon to open it in photoshop instead.