The Mac Lab has 2 network color laserjet printers. Printing from most applications in the maclab is straightforward. Just select the "print" command under the "file" menu in your application.

Select any special settings such as number of copies, or size of paper, and hit "print". You can select to print to either the "NORTH" or "SOUTH" printer. Both printers are located in the front of the classroom by the whiteboard.

IMPORTANT: Don't select the 'bonjour printers'. Instead, select either the NORTH or SOUTH printer only. See the image below for reference.

IMPORTANT: When printing 11X17 from InDesign, you must close paper tray #1 to force the printer to print from tray #2.
Page layout applications like InDesign and Quark have more complicated options in their "print" settings. Below are several help files to look at if you have problems printing from those applications.

  • InDesign Printing
  • QUARK Printing
  • Fletcher Jones Printers (backup for Habit only)      
  • A Note on Postscript vs. PCL


InDesign Printing

  1. Select the Print option from the File menu

  2. Select either NORTH or SOUTH as your destination printer.

  3. Make sure to select your paper size. First click on the setup tab, then paper size. You may print either 8.5x11 or 11x17. See the image below. Note that you must also remove the 8.5x11 paper and shut tray one to get 11x17 to print.

  4. To speed up printing in the future, you can save your settings as presets. For example, you might save a preset for each size paper you frequently print, or for black and white versus color printing. To save a preset, set up the printing with all the options you want, and then click on the "Save Preset" button. Give the preset a descriptive name and hit "OK".
  5. IMPORTANT: Remove the 8.5 by 11 paper from the Tray One (The one that lays open) and shut Tray One. As long as you have the 11x17 settings listed above listed in your print dialog box, this will force the printer to print to 11x17 paper.

Output of PDFs for Healdsburg Printer

There is a PDF preset for outputting PDF's of the habit for the printer in Healdsburg. To use this preset, Goto (1) File > (2) Adobe PDF Presets > (3) Habit PDF Preset. Name your file, choose a location to save it and hit SAVE. Then, click export to complete the creation of your PDF. (This preset can be modified if the printer needs something changed.)

QUARK Printing

  1. Select the Print option from the file menu. Then, select a maclab printer.

  2. Printing from quark is a lot like printing from InDesign. You can reference steps listed above for printing from InDesign for general information on printing from the maclab. One thing you need to remember from Quark is to select your printer description file. See the image below. Remember to select the "Setup tab".

  3. Next, select your paper size. Either 8.5x11 or 11x17

  4. If you choose letter size (8.5x11), you can hit "Print" and you're ready to go. If you are printing Tabloid (11x17), see below for more details.

  5. If you're printing 11x17, click on the "Printer..." button on the bottom of the main print window. Then, where it says, "copies and pages", click and hold and select down to "Paper Handling".

  6. Under Paper Handling, select Tray 2 for 11x17 paper. Now click Print, and Print again in the main window and you're done.

A Note on Postscript vs. PCL

The default printer control 'language' for HP printers is PCL.  Due to how a number of the applications used at Dominican behave, we need to use Postscript exclusively wherever possible.