File Transfer Protocol

Fetch is a simple FTP (file transfer protocol) utility. It allows you to transfer files from any machine in the lab to any other machine that accepts FTP connections. In order to connect to another machine, you'll need to know the IP, web or ftp address for that machine, the username, and the password. You can get this information from the person who's machine you want to transfer files to.

How to use Fetch and FTP

 After you've found out the login information for the machine you want to connect to, the first step is to launch fetch and enter this information in the "new connection screen". See the image below.

  • (1) Click the fetch icon in the dock (The dog).
  • Enter the (2) address, (3) username and (4) password and hit Connect.

Once your connected to the remote machine, you'll see a list of files and directories in the remote machine. Double click on directories to enter into them and navigate to the folder where you are supposed to upload your files. Click on the (1) PUT icon. This stands for "putting" -or uploading - files from your machine to the remote machine.

Now, you'll enter a (1) screen where you can browse your machine to find the files you'd like to upload. The last step is to (2) click the PUT button to upload the files.

Additional Resources for the Habit

PDF references for the Healdsburg printing facility.