As of Fall 2013, users who need to access the fonts on the font server will be able to use the built-in Font Book utility on the iMacs to access the fonts, instead of the FontReserve font management software, which will not run on current operating systems. *
The fonts are located on the server in a folder called fontbackup in the Habit_data folder.

Logging in to the iMac as Habit User (“habituser”) will automatically mount the Habit_data folder, and the folder will open on the Desktop.
This will make the fonts on the server available to you through Font Book.

The Habit_data folder mounted appears in the Dock...
like this:                              or like this: 

Habit_data folder mounted


Instructions for adding fonts using Font Book

1. Log in to the iMac as Habit User (“habituser”).
2. Start Font Book from the icon in the Dock as illustrated below...

 Font books 0 fireup

3. In the Menu Bar, click File, then Add Fonts, as illustrated below...


4. In the navigation pane on the left, select macserver, as illustrated below....
    In the window on the right, Double-click the Habit_data folder -  DO NOT click the Open button! 



5. In the next window, on the right, note the fontbackup folder. DO NOT double-click it! 
    In the next step you'll click the fontbackup  triangle  to list the fonts in the folder as in the following illustrations ...


6. Click the fontbackup triangle to list the the fonts in the folder as illustrated below...


7. Select the font folder you want to add and click the Open button.

8. The font is added and available to your applications. 





If the Habit_user folder does not automatically mount, and shows as a question mark in the Dock, click it or right-click and select "Open Habit_data." 



* Note: FontReserve is no longer supported, and will not run on the current operating system (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion).