Basic Instructions

Basic recommendations and instructions on how to successfully use the Mac Lab.

For a reliable and trouble free work experience in the Mac Lab, we recommend the following:

  1. Reboot the workstation before you start using it.  You don't know what the last person was doing and they may have attached to servers with different credentials than you will be using.  Rebooting the workstation will reset everything and should make the machine operate more reliably.
  2. Please do not save keychains.  Macs have the ability to remember user IDs and passwords when attaching to folders on servers. Since multiple groups use the machines, we have multiple user ids and passwords for different class folders.  Saving the keychain makes it harder, or impossible, for another person to access their folder.
  3. Please don't clutter up the desktop.  With many students using the rooms, if everyone leaves files on the desktop, it slows the computer and makes it harder to find things.  In the 'Documents' folder, simply create a personal folder and save your work there.
  4. Do not edit files on the server.  You will have a far more reliable and trouble free experience if you edit your files on your local computer.  So find the file you want on the server, copy it to your a personal folder, edit locally, and copy it back to the server when you are done.
  5. Make backups of your work.  Dominican has a fault tolerant server and does backups but Dominican makes no guarantee that our backups will be 100% accurate.  Students are responsible for backing up their work to be safe.  We recommend using USB drives and each workstation can burn CDs and DVDs as well.
  6. If something doesn't work, use the online helpdesk system to report the problem.  [email protected]
  7. Don't disconnect cables.  If something is not working properly, please try using a different computer and report the problem on the help desk system. 
  8. No food or drinks.  Spilling food or drinks on the hardware is bad.
  9. Please cleanup after yourself.