Kyocera Multi Function Printers

How to copy, scan and print using the Kyocera Multi Function Printers (MFPs)

Dominican has 4 public Kyocera Multi Function Printers (MFPs). To use the machines, a faculty or staff person must have their Dominican ID and know their departments budget code. These machines are full color, duplex printing and scanning, high speed, high capacity MFPs.

Locations of printers

  • Bertrand 2nd floor hallway
  • Guzman 3rd floor hallway
  • Meadowlands 2nd floor elevator lobby
  • Science Building 1st floor lobby across from room 133


Needing Assistance

Instructional videos


How to make Photocopies


How to Scan to Email

Kyocera machines do not store email address. All email addresses much be entered during time of use and will delete once "send" application is closed


How to Print from a University computer

Printers can only be configured on University hardware. Personal computers or laptops cannot be configured to print to Kyocera MFP's