The new online course evaluation and survey system is intended to provide students with an easy, reliable and accurate method for submitting course evaluations and surveys securely and ANONYMOUSLY. By conducting these surveys online, any comments that were once handwritten on the paper forms are typed in so there is no chance that someone can identify your handwriting.  As mentioned above, the survey results are guaranteed anonymous; there is no way to correlate a student with a given survey result.

We hope that this system makes completing your course evaluations easier and will in turn provide important feedback for your instructors so that they can improve their courses.

Your participation is critical and appreciated.

How the System Works

  1. The system generates a password for each course or survey you are invited to participate in.  This password is unique but is not tied to you.  So there is no way that anyone at Dominican can figure out who responds to a given survey.
  2. The system will e-mail the url for the survey and your survey password to your Dominican e-mail address.  You must have a '' address operational.  For more information on how to get your Dominican e-mail address operational, refer to the Student E-Mail Setup page.
  3. When you receive the e-mail, open the url provided.
  4. When prompted for the password, enter the password from the e-mail.
  5. Complete the survey and you are done.