Administration block - Grade menus

Under the Administration block, there are now 2 menus for Grades. Grades and Gradebook setup

Grades - Shortcut to the Grader report where you see your students grades

Gradebook setup - Where you set-up the gradebook, i.e, set-up the Aggregaton method (how your grades are calculated), set up categories, set up offline assignments, enter grades and weights for assignments or categories.

Aggregation methods:

There are now 3 Aggregation methods, Weighted mean of grades, Simple weighted mean of grades, Natural
*Natural is what used to be Sum of Grades 

Weighted mean of grade: the category "total" will be equal to the sum of the scores in each grade item, these scores being multiplied by the grade items' weights, and that sum being finally divided by the sum of the weights.

Simple weighted mean of grades: The difference from Weighted mean is that weight is calculated as Maximum grade - Minimum grade for each item.

Natural: This is the sum of all grade values,