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Issue: Error on login: "cookies required"

When using Internet Explorer

On some people's computers, the security settings in Internet Explorer can cause this error from time to time.
Solution: Try using another browser, such as Mozilla Firefox to access Moodle.
If you don't have it on your computer yet, you can download it for free here:

When using any browser

  1. Your authentication request may have "timed out". To fix this, exit your browser entirely, and then relaunch your browser and go to Click on the login button, and login again.
  2. Make sure you go to to login. Do not try to go directly to You need to go to first to login.
  3. Make sure you bookmark Do not bookmark If you are creating a bookmark, it must go to, then you can click "Login" from the main page.


Issue: Responses to threaded discussions not displaying, or other viewing problems.

UPDATE: "Trusted Sites" security settings in Internet Explorer 7 as well!

Possible Culprit: "Trusted Sites" security settings in Internet Explorer 6

  • Open Internet Explorer, then go to Tools, Internet Options. 
  • Find the Security Tab, then click on it.
  • Select "Trusted Sites" and click on the Sites button.
  • A new window will popup. Uncheck the "Require server verification (https:)" check box, then add at the top add,, click the add button and verify it adds to the list, then click OK.
  • Once this is done click OK again to the general option page, and close and re-open IE. 
  • Then navigate to and in the bottom right of the IE window you should see the 'Internet' sign change to 'Trusted Site'.  This indicates we've added it as a trusted side and your pc has lowered it's security settings.

Possible Culprit: McAfee Security Center

  • Open the McAfee Security Center. 
  • Click on the Privacy Service to open its menu.
  • Click on Configure Privacy Service Options.
  • Click on the Allow List tab and add as an allowed list.
  • Click on Block Ads tab and be sure both boxes under this tab are NOT checked before clicking on "Apply" button. 
  • These boxes are:
  • Block Ads on this computer.
  • Block Pop Ups on this computer.
  • Close McAfee Service Center.