The My Moodle Start Page

You can configure your "My Moodle" start page. Here's how.

The default display

When you first login to Moodle, your My Moodle start page will show an overview of your courses, which includes not only the titles of your courses, but also upcoming assignments and recent activities in each course. This display works great for many people, but can also get crowded if your courses have a lot of activity, or if you are enrolled in a large number of courses. If you'd like a simpler display, or one that shows courses by category, you can modify what information shows on your start page. Instructions on how to do this are below.

Modifying the display

You can pick what you want to display on your My Moodle start page.

  1. You can remove the default "Course Overview" list
  2. You can add the "My Courses" block
  3. You can add/remove other available blocks as needed

Steps to Modify the Display

1. Customize the page

The first step to modify your My Moodle start page is to click on the button in the upper right that says "Customize this page"

Moodle Screen Shot Customize this page

2. Add a block

Next, Click on the drop down list to "Add..." a block. This dropdown will appear towards the bottom of your page in the side block area.


3. Add the "Course Overview" block or the "My Courses" block

The Course Overview block is a simple listing of your all of your enrolled courses.

The My Courses block shows your courses listed by category. By default, it shows you your "Active Courses" and you can click on any of the other available categories to view other categories such as "General Purpose Courses", "Majors", "Groups", etc.

NOTE: You will only see a block listed as an option to add to your page if you haven't already added it to your page. 



4. Move New Blocks to the Main Content Area

After you add a block, it will first display in the block area on the side of the screen.


To move this block to the main content area, click on the UP/DOWN arrow icon. This will add dotted lines around potential areas when you can move it. In the image below, you can see how dotted lines appear in the main content area of the start page.

Click in the dotted rectangle in the main area to drop the block into this area.


5. Delete Blocks You Don't Need

The last step is to remove any blocks you don't want displayed in the main content area. For example, after you move "My Courses" to the main content area, you may want to remove the default "Course Overview" block from the main content area. (You can always add blocks back later if you change your mind or want to display things differently.)

To remove a block, click on the X icon (pictured below).