Locked Out Accounts

If a user attempts to enter an incorrect password multiple times via an IMAP connected device (like a Blackberry or example) their account may become "locked out" as a security precaution. Here are links to re-enable the account:

For Faculty/Staff Accounts

For Student Accounts

New Services - Summer 2011

Over the 2011 Summer, our Google Apps domains are getting lots of new services beyond just email, calendars, docs and sites. For example, once the new services are released, faculty, staff and students will be able to create Blogger blogs, and Picasa web galleries directly through their Dominican Google accounts.

Accessing New Services

You can access these new services by:

  1. Logging into your Dominican gmail account
  2. Clicking on the "More" link on the top of the page
  3. Clicking on "Even More" and then selecting a service


Picasa Web Galleries

The first time you access Picasa Web Galleries through the "More > Even More" links in your account, you may get stuck in an endless authentication loop (stuck signing in). To fix this:

  1. Quit your browser, then relaunch your browser and go directly to (not or
  2. Login with your dominican username/pass and select "continue" to login at the Dominican login page
  3. You will now be logged into picasaweb. From now on, the "More > Even More" path to login to picasaweb should work normally.

Multiple Accounts

After the transition, you will run into problems if you try to login to two different google accounts in the same web browser. Solutions:

  • To enable multiple sign-in:
  • Or (recommended) just use two browsers. One for your Dominican Google Apps account activities, and another one for your other Google account(s) if you have them.
  • If you don't need to work in both accounts at the same time, you can also just quit your browser and relaunch it to clear your old session and start over logging into a second account. If you get "sticky" and confused about which account you're logged into, this approach let's you start over and log in cleanly to one account.

Opening services in new tabs instead of new windows

When working with multiple Google Apps services (like mail, calendars, documents etc) you may find it convenient to set your browser to open new windows in tabs instead of new windows. You can set this preference in Internet Explorer by following these directions. On other browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome etc.) new tabs may already be your default, or you can simply set new windows to open in tabs in the application Preferences.