Google+ Video Sharing

How to use Google+ and Youtube to share private videos with groups and individuals.

About Videos on Youtube/Google+

Google+ lets you create groups of people, and these groups are called circles. Once you have created a circle of people, you can share content like videos or posts with that circle. For example, if you are an instructor, you can create a circle for one of your classes and add the email addresses of your students to that circle. Now, if you want to share a video with those students, all you need to do is select the appropriate circle in Youtube under the sharing settings. Keep in mind that videos uploaded to Youtube can have three different levels of privacy:

  1. Public (anyone can view)
  2. Unlisted (anyone can view if they have the direct link to the video)
  3. Private (only individuals with whom you've shared the video via your Google+ circles can view)

We recommend using the third option (private) anytime you have concerns about limiting who can view your video. This is because "unlisted" videos can still be re-shared by people – anyone with the link to the video can forward that link on in email, or even post the link to the web somewhere.

How to Share Videos

You can use the method below to share a video with a limited number of people. This requires that your Dominican Youtube account is associated with your Dominican Google+ account. This may be the case already, but if not, see step two below to connect the two accounts.

  1. Enable Google+ on your Dominican Google Apps account
  2. Verify that your Youtube account is connected to your Google+ profile 
  3. Create a circle in Google+ and add people to it (use the option to add people by email address)
  4. Upload a video to Youtube
  5. Set the privacy setting to "private" and share with a Google+ circle


Verify Visibility

To verify that you have everything set up correctly, try viewing the video when you are not signed in to your Google account. You should not be able to view the video, since it is "private". Now verify that one of the people in the circle with which you've shared the video can view it. You're done!


Optional - Link in Moodle

Additionally, once you have shared the video privately with a Google+ circle, you can post a link to the video in a Moodle class so that it's easy for students to locate the video. To do this, just post a link on your Moodle course with the web address of the video.