Google Apps for Students

Basic information about Dominican's use of Google Apps for student email, document, IM and other services.


Getting Started

  1. Both existing and new students should read the Getting Started page first, before logging in for the first time.
  2. Existing students should also be sure to read the Google Email (gmail) page to find out about changes to student email and how to configure their accounts.


Connecting your iPhone

Follow the information listed here:

  • For username, enter you email address

 How does it work?

Dominican switched to Google Apps for certain student web based services, the most important being email.  This change has been made in an effort to provide more and better services to students as well as reduce costs associated with providing these services.  ASDU, Student Life and the Technology Steering Committee all approved this change.  For information about switching from the old email system to the new Google system, please click on Google Email in the left banner.

The advantages of the Google based services are as follows:

    • More E-mail Storage - Students get over 6GB of space (and growing), which is 60 times what we give faculty/staff.
    • Better SPAM Filtering - Google's SPAM system is one of the best - they actually use OCR software to analyze the SPAM that has those images in them!
    • Mobile E-mail Capability - If your mobile device can browse the internet, you can access your email from your mobile device. The google apps are delivered in "mobile" version so they work well on smaller displays.
    • Google Home Page - With their Dominican/Google account they get their own customizable 'homepage' that can be accessed from any computer anywhere.
    • Self Administered Forwarding - In the past, those students who wished to forward their email to a non-Dominican provided account had to fill out a form to setup forwarding.  Now students can setup and manage forwarding themselves.
    • Google Talk - Google has a a built in instant messaging application.
    • Google Docs - Students can store their papers online.
    • Google Calendar - Initially the Google calendar will be a personal calendar only. Someday we plan on integrating it with the DU student events calendar.
    • Reduced Costs - We don't have to manage the server hardware, storage or backups. This will save us about $20,000 in hardware every 3 to 4 years.
    • No Advertising - We've disabled the advertising, which is the main complaint with Google's GMail system.


For detailed information on the various services please click on the links to the left.