Video Conferencing

How to use gmail to video conference with someone at Dominican.



Dominican University uses Google Video Chat for our video conference services.  As of 2/1/2011 we currently only support one-to-one video conferences.  Here are the instructions on how to prepare for and conduct a video conference, or chat, with someone at Dominican University.
  1. You must have a webcam installed and working with your computer.  We recommend cameras by Logitech as they seem to work the most reliably with both Windows PC as well as Apple Macs.
  2. We recommend using an up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox.  The Google chat software seems to work far more reliably with Mozilla Firefox  than older versions of Internet Explorer and Safari.  This is not required but if you run into problems we recommend downloading and installing the latest version of Firefox.
  3. You must have a Google account.  Google accounts are free and with the account you have video chat capabilities.  If you need to create an account, simply go to the Google Create Account Page and sign up.
  4. Once you have a camera and a Google account, simply log onto your Google GMail account.
  5. Click on the SETTINGS link on the top right of the screen
    Video Conference Settings Image
  6. Now click on the link for CHAT
    Video Conference Chat Link Image
  7. If your computer does not have Adobe Flash installed, you will see the following in the “Voice and video chat” section.  Simply click on the link and install Adobe Flash.  If you do not see this message, go to the next step.
    Video Conference Flash Install

  1. Once Flash is installed you will have the option to install the Google Talk plug in.  Simply click on the link on the page as shown below, or go here to install the voice and video chat plug in.
    Video Conference Google Talk Install
  2. You will have to restart your browser and log back into your GMail account and return to settings, chat.  You will see the following under chat settings.  Click on VERIFY YOUR SETTINGS and confirm that you can see the image in your camera, that your microphone works and that your speakers are working.  Once everything is working, you are almost ready.

    Video Conference Verify
  3. Now add the email address of person who you want to chat with to your list of contacts for Chat.  To do this just click on the ‘add contact’ link on the bottom left of the screen as shown below, and enter the email address of the person you will have the video conference/chat with.  If you need to test things please enter and call our Help Desk.  The number 415-257-0123 and tell them that you want to do a test video conference before the actual date of your event.
    Video Conference Start Chat
  4. The Dominican person you wish to video chat with will get the chat invitation in their GMail chat window and they simply click ACCEPT.
  5. You are now ready for a video conference/chat with Dominican.
  6. Make sure you are logged onto your GMail account and if the person from Dominican initiates the call, simply click the ACCEPT button.  If you wish to initiate the call, hover your mouse over the person in the chat contact list, click on the VIDEO & MORE button,  and click START VIDEO CHAT.

  7. We have found that the audio when doing a video conference with a group is not always optimal and Dominican will sometimes use a Polycom speakerphone.  If your conference will use a speakerphone, simply click on the MUTE icon at the bottom of the conference window.  It looks like this: Video Conference Mute Icon