Laundry Services

Locations and Cost

Laundry rooms are located in each dorm on campus—Edgehill Village, Fanjeaux and Pennafort

$1.50 Washing

$1.25 Drying

Helpful Laundry Tips

The Front-Load Washers do not require a lot of detergent. Use only a ¼ cup of detergent to avoid over-soaping. High efficiency (H.E.) detergent is recommended.

Read the following instructions if you need help using the washer and the dryer:

Laundry Room Instructions: Learn how to use the washer and the dryer

Getting Rid of Stains: Learn how to remove stains effectively

Five Easy Ways to Clean Clothes


If a machine needs to be serviced, contact WEB Service Company, LLC at 1.800.342.5932. Please identify the laundry room and the machine number located on the equipment.