Online Registration Process


Who can Register Online   |   How to Register Online   |   Academic Plans and What If Plans

Who can register online?

New and continuing degree seeking students who have met with their Academic Advisor or Program Director. Student account must be clear of Business and/or Transcript holds.

How to register for courses online?

  1. Browse to
  • Tip: You must have Javascript and Cookies enabled in your browser.  The following web browsers have been confirmed to work for online registration:
    • Internet Explorer 7+
    • Firefox 3+
    • Safari 4+
  • Log into Self Service with your Dominican User Number and Password
  • Click on the "REGISTER" tab
  • Click on the "Traditional Courses" link
  • Select the "Period" (Semester) in which to register for courses
  • Follow the prompts, and use the Section Search link to find courses to add to your cart
    • Tip: If searching by Course Code your must use a space between the name and number.  i.e.  ART 1000. DO NOT INCLUDE THE SECTION (i.e 1000.1) INFORMATION. For more detailed information, click "Course Code Prefixes".
    • Tip: While searching for sections you can view textbook requirements by clicking on the "View Book Information" link under the Course Description.
  • Courses that you can add to your schedule have an "ADD" button to the right of them
    • Tip: if you are using Internet Explorer and have a smaller monitor, the "mini cart" on the right side of the screen may cover up the "ADD" buttons for courses. To fix: either use Firefox or Safari instead of Internet Explorer (preferred), or adjust your monitor resolution (PC monitors:  right click your PC's desktop and click "Properties", then "Settings" and move the "Screen Resolution" slider toward "More" to allow browser window to show more of the page).
  • Click on "ADD" to add courses to your schedule
    • You can register for up to 20 units. Additional tuition will be applied when you register for more than 17 units.
  • You can review your cart by clicking on the "REGISTER" tab, then "Traditional Courses" and selecting the semester for which you're registering
  • Review Your Schedule (Cart)
  • Continue adding courses to your cart until your schedule is complete
    • Your space in a course is NOT confirmed until you "Finalize" your schedule.
  • Click "Next" to proceed toward finalizing your schedule
  • If you encounter scheduling conflicts, you will need to fix them before proceeding:
    •  You will NOT be alerted about schedule conflicts, prerequisite conflicts etc. WHILE adding items to your cart.
    •  You WILL be alerted to conflicts when you proceed toward the "Finalize" step by clicking "Next" on the registration screens.
    •  If you encounter conflicts (ex: two classes that occur at the same time), fix the conflicts by adjusting your schedule in consultation with your Academic Advisor before finalizing your registration.
  • Click "Finalize" to finish registering online
  • You can return and ADD or DROP courses online any time during your registration period:
    • To ADD courses, simply return to the site, login, and repeat the steps above, adding courses to your existing schedule.
    •  To DROP courses, simply return to the site, login, and repeat the steps above until you see your schedule. When you are viewing your schedule, you can select courses you wish to DROP, and click the "DROP" button.
  • About Academic Plans and "What If?" Plans

    Academic Plans are constantly being updated.   Because of this, your Academic Plan may not include pre-approved substitutions, waiver or transfer course work. Please work with your Advisor directly to figure out what courses to take and to complete all necessary forms to be filed with the Registrar's Office in order to update your plan.  If you do not have an Academic Plan you will see "There are no plans available."

    If you recently filed a Declaration or Change of Major, Minor or Concentration, pre-approved substitution or transfer course work form,  this may not be reflected in your Academic Plan.  Please check back for updates to your Self Service account.

    You have access to the Dominican University Catalog online, including all your degree requirements, as well as to your academic record (unofficial transcript).  These are tools to use if your academic plan in unavailable or incomplete.