Advising for Online Registration

Please take the following steps before proceeding to register online:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor or Program Director during your advising period. This must happen in order for you to register for courses online.
  2. Your Advisor will enter the courses into an online advisory worksheet that will:
  • Create a record of the courses you've been advised to take
  • Your automatic course listing will be sent to you via e-mail - use this record as a guide when registering for courses online.
  • If you fail to get advised, you will not have access to online registration.  Please note that delayed registration may result in obstacles such as:
    • Full classes
    • Delayed degree progress
    • Financial Aid ineligibility  
    • Incorrect tuition and fee charges
    • Delayed graduation date
    • Ineligibility for Athletics or a Student Visa
    • Ineligibility to receive educational benefits from external source such as the Veterans Administration

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