Registration Basics

We are here to help you through the steps for Registration.

Online Priority Registration

Online Priority Registration takes place in April for the following Summer & Fall terms and in November for the following Spring Term. — Go to Online Registration for start time information and instructions.

Enrollment Information

All degree-seeking Dominican University of California students must consult with an Academic Advisor prior to registering for courses online.

Variable-Unit Courses

When a student enrolls in a variable unit course, Self-Service defaults the unit count to the highest variable at the point of registration (i.e., course is offered for 1-4 units and the system will apply the highest variable, in this case "4"). Currently, adjusting units within variable-unit courses is managed through the Registrar's Office. Students will need to submit an Add/Drop form to enable the unit count adjustment prior to the end of the registration period for that semester.

Wait List

Students will be able to select the "Wait" option during the online registration process. The Wait Lists will be monitored/managed by the Registrar's Office throughout the registration period. As space becomes available, students will be added to the class based on major, class level, and the date they were placed on the Wait List. It is the student's responsibility to monitor their course schedule for changes due to waitlist activity. The Friday before classes begin, all remaining Wait Lists will be deleted and students will only be allowed to add, using an Add/Drop form, at the discretion of the instructor.

Note: If a class has an active wait list, the number of people on the wait list will display. If by error, the Add button appears  and you Add the class, you may be subject to an Administrative Drop by the Registrar's Office.

Open Registration

Online Open Registration for Continuing Students runs the Friday of Priority Registration Week and runs through June 30 or December 31 respectively. Learn more about Online Registration. New students or students entering a new Graduate Program will be able to register online during open registration and once they have been electronically advised. New students are also welcome to register for courses at the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours.

Late Registration

Late registration for begins July 1 or January 1 and runs through the last day to Add a Class. Late registration for Weekend Programs  begins January 1 or July 1 and runs through the Friday of the first weekend that the session begins. Late Registration takes place at the Registrar’s Office during normal business hours. 

Late registration fees apply to continuing students only.

FAQ's & Online Messages

If I am a new student, how do I register for classes?
First, you must meet with your advisor and bring the Registration Form to your advising session. Before bringing (or faxing) your completed form to the Registrar's Office, both you and your advisor must sign your Registration form. If you wish to register online, your advisor will complete an electronic advising session. This will generate an email of the courses you have been advised to take. You may then log in and register online.

Do I need to pay a registration fee before I register online?
No. You do not need to pay this before you register. A Comprehensive Campus Fee (includes registration etc.) will be included in your first bill.

I met with my Advisor and they selected courses for me electronically. Am I registered for those courses?

No. You must register online through Self-Service for the courses advised. Use the email generated as a guide and reminder of your advising session.

Do I have to register for all my classes at the same time?
No, however, you must register during the “Open Registration Period”. Once you create a schedule of courses you can go back into Self Service and Add/Drop classes up until the Friday before the term begins.

How do I search for a course based on type? (i.e. online courses)

Use the 'Keywords' search field. Choose the appropriate notation from the list below and enter the code. *Include the colon*  For example, to list Adult Degree Completion (ADC) type courses, enter ADC: The search results will list all the courses with specified notation. 

  • OL:  Online courses
  • HY:  Hybrid courses
  • ADC: Adult Degree Completion courses
  • SL:  Service Learning courses
  • STA:  Study Abroad

Do I need a Cross Registration Form?

No.Cross Registration will be monitored by the appropriate department. 

I want to register for an Independent Study course and the course requires "Permission Request".

You can request permission by clicking on the permission request box and following the instructions. You must obtain an Independent Contract form, the necessary signature(s) and then register through the Registrar’s Office. Registration for these classes can to be completed online. For more information see: Independent Learning Contract.

I registered in the wrong class.

Log back into Self-Service and "remove" the course from your schedule. Be sure to "finalize" the process.

I have courses in my shopping cart.  Am I registered for these courses?

No.  The shopping cart is merely a place to keep the courses you are interest in (kind of like Amazon). You must "proceed to registration", "finalize" the process and then receive confirmation of registration message.

I am on a waitlist.  How will I know if I get my class?

The Registrar’s Office will manage the Wait List. If a seat becomes available and you are placed in the class, you will see this in your "schedule" online in Self-Service.

Online Messages

You are not eligible to register at this time.
This means that your registration period has not started yet. Return after your registration period opens. Learn more at Online Registration. If you have not met with you Academic Advisor - you will not be eligible to register during your time period.

You are not eligible to register at this time. No registration groups found.

This means you are not part of an eligible online registration group (i.e., Non-Degree & first semester students).

Business Hold – Account on Stop List  

Contact Business Services.  You cannot register until you account has a zero balance and the hold is removed.

Transcript Hold - Account on Stop List

You are missing a transcript and cannot register until the transcript is received and hold is removed.  Contact the Registrar’s Office if you need more information on the specific missing transcript.

Co-Requisite is required

You must register for both classes at the same time (i.e., register for both Lecture and Lab).

Pre-Requisite is required

You must complete and receive an official grade for the Pre-Requisite class.  If you are currently enrolled in the Pre-Requisite, once you have completed the course and received the official grade, log back into Self-Service and register for the class.  If you feel you have received this message in error – contact your Advisor to confirm you are registering for the correct course.  The Registrar’s Office will issue an email to all students when final grades are posted.

Permission Request - What does it mean & how do I get it?

Many courses will be available for registration by permission only. It is recommended that students obtain permission through the online process prior to priority registration. It this is not possible, complete registration for all non-permission needed courses first. Then add all permission required courses to your cart. Permission request will hold up registration until approved or denied.

Once you have selected the ADD button next to a course, a pop-up box will appear. If the course requires permission - a "Request Permission" box will appear. Select this option and following the prompts. You must enter a comment. You will receive notification of permission or denial via your Dominican email. You can also check your status in Self Service.

Once permission has been granted, this does not mean that you are registered. You must log into Self Service and complete the registration process. The course will be in your cart.

Academic Plans - There are no plans available
If you do not have an Academic Plan you will see the message "There are no plans available". Please work with your Advisor to figure out what courses to take to obtain your degree.

Unofficial Transcript

You now have access you view your unofficial transcript. You may use this tool to monitor courses you have completed and grades received.

  • You have access to the Dominican Catalog online, including all your degree requirements, as well as to your academic record (unofficial transcript). These are tools to use if your academic plan in unavailable or incomplete.