Academic Plan

The Academic Plan (sometimes called a degree audit) is a tool designed to assist students and their advisors with planning and tracking a students’ progress toward graduation by comparing or auditing their academic record against the requirements for their degree. It is a computer-generated analysis that includes General Education, major, minor, and concentration requirements. Each Academic Plan tracks completed Dominican courses, transfer credit, and in-progress courses (the ones currently being taken at DU).  It also provides links to course descriptions and the schedule of courses that will fulfill unmet requirements.

To find your Academic Plan:  Login to Self Service with your username and password.  Click on the “Register” tab and select “Academic Plan”.  Once on the Academic Plan page, click on your displayed degree and major.  (i.e. BA/Business Admin)


Coming soon...... a video tutorial on how to read your Academic Plan......


Drill Down:  You can drill down on most symbols and course numbers to find more information.

Views:  There are four ways to view your Academic Plan by using the drop down box on the left margin:

  1. Summary:  Provides a brief summary of the sections of your plan that have been fulfilled.
  2. My Academic Plan:   Provides a comprehensive  view of your degree requirements including eligible courses  and courses completed with your progress to date.
  3. My Progress:  Provides a view of courses you have completed and requirements filled.
  4. Unassigned Courses:   Provides a view of courses you have completed, but have not been assigned to your academic plan.

Note:  Select the view you wish to see and then click on your major link below.



Q:  How do I access my Academic Plan?
A:  Through Self Service at Login with your username and password.  Click on the “Register” tab and select “Academic Plan”.  Once on the Academic Plan page, click on your displayed degree and major.  (i.e. BA/Business Admin)

Q:  How is Academic Plan different than my transcript?
A:  Academic Plan shows how your courses meet General Education, major, concentration, and/or minor requirements. Your transcript shows which classes you’ve taken per semester but does not give any advice on how the courses meet General Education or degree requirements.

Q:  What if my Academic Plan lists the wrong major, minor, or concentration?
A:  It is extremely important that the Registrar’s Office has accurate and current information about your major, minor, concentration, and type of degree you’re pursuing (BA, BS, BFA, etc.)  To change your major, minor, or concentration, please complete a Declaration of Major or Minor form(with all required signatures) and return to the Registrar’s Office (Bertrand 108).

Note:  Your advisors signature is required for every change, except dropping a major, minor or concentration.

Q: Where do I find Declaration of Major or Minor or Substitution forms?
A:  In the Registrar’s Office (Bertrand 108). Forms are available for download at:

Q:  What if a requirement shows as “not met” or something on my plan doesn’t look right? Who do I contact?
A:  Talk to your advisor first. If you and your advisor both determine the inconsistency shown in Academic Plan is accurate, your advisor will contact the Registrar’s Office on your behalf.  

Q:  What if I need to complete a substitution to meet major, minor, or GE requirements?
A:  You and your advisor complete and sign a Substitution in GE or Major form. In addition, the Dean’s signature is required for major and minor substitutions. For General Education substitutions, the Director of General Education's signature is also required.

If your substitution is approved by your advisor and Dean (or Director of General Education ) the Registrar’s Office will enter the substitution information into Academic Plan.  If your substitution is denied by the Dean or General Education Director, the Registrar’s Office will notify you and your advisor via email.

Q:  How do I see only the classes I have completed?
A:  On the left margin use the drop down box under View.  Select “My Progress’ then select your degree & major below.  You may also want to look at the Summary Version to get a quick overview of your degree progress. 

Q:  What does ‘Courses not Assigned to this Academic Plan’ mean?

A:  This section shows courses that are either in progress or that you have completed that have not been counted towards your degree progress.  As a default, repeatable courses sometimes fall into this section.   If you feel that a course is placed in this section in error, please contact your advisor.

Q:  What if I do not have an Academic Plan assigned to me?

A:  There a few students who may not have a plan assigned.  This could be because you started at Dominican prior to Fall 2008 or your major requires special consideration.  Please contact your advisor if you believe you should have a plan, but do not see one available.