Changing Your Course Schedule

Adding/Dropping a Course   |   Wait List   |   Course Level & Section Changes   |   Attendance   |   Withdrawal from a Course

Adding or Dropping a Course

Registered students may Add or Drop a class online up until the beginning of a semester. After classes have begun, to officially add and/or drop a course, students must obtain an Add/Drop form. For a full semester, students must obtain the signature of each faculty member (for Adds). If classes meet on one or two Saturdays or for less than a full semester, the last day to Add is the Monday after the first meeting. The instructor’s signature is required to Add the class on the Monday. The last day to Drop is the Friday before the first meeting.

Students cannot be Added to or Dropped from a class by the instructor. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the first and last day to Add or Drop classes in each session. For tuition refunds, please refer to the tuition refund policy available in Business Services. Students are responsible for the proper revision of their course schedules. It is the student’s responsibility to Drop or Withdraw from a course which he/she no longer attends.

Students responsibility

  • Add/Drop form must be completed and signed by the instructor before being submitted to the Registrar’s Office to be registered for the course.
  • Leaving a course without dropping the course with an Add/Drop form will result in students being charged tuition as well as receiving a permanent grade of “F” or “UF” on the student’s transcript.
  • Students who wish to drop a course without a “W” on their permanent record MUST file an Add/Drop form as stated in the Academic Calendar for Session A students as well as graduate students enrolled in the Weekend Programs.


Wait List

Students will be able to select the "Wait" option during the online registration process.  The Wait Lists will be monitored/managed by the Registrar's Office throughout the registration period.  As space becomes available, students will be added to the class based on major, class level, and the date they were placed on the Wait List. It is the students responsibility to monitor their schedule changes due to waitlist activity via Self Service.  The Friday before classes begin, all remaining Wait Lists will be deleted and students will only be allowed to add, using an Add/Drop form, at the discretion of the instructor.

Note: If a class has an active wait list, the number of people on the wait list will display.  If by error, the Add button appears  and you Add the class, you may be subject to an Administrative Drop by the Registrar's Office.

Course Level Changes/Section Changes

Students who originally register for a lower-division course and wish to drop that course and register for the upper-division equivalent must submit an Add/Drop form by the add deadline and/or the drop deadline. The deadline also applies to those students who find themselves in the reverse situation (i.e. changing from upper-division to lower-division). Students who originally register for one section of a course and wish to drop that section and register for another section must submit an Add/Drop form by the add deadline and/or the drop deadline.


The attendance policy for a course is established by the instructor. It is a student’s responsibility to know the policy in each course. Attendance at the first class session is very important. If a student is unable to attend the first class session, he/she must contact the instructor in advance.

Withdrawal from a Course

A student who wishes to withdraw from a course or courses must obtain an Add/Drop form from the Registrar’s Office. Withdrawals occur between the deadline to drop courses without a “W” and the published final withdrawal deadline. (See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.) The official date of withdrawal is the day the form is returned to the Registrar’s Office. A grade of “W” will be posted to the student’s academic record and full tuition will be charged, since the withdrawal period occurs after the final deadline for tuition refunds. Grades of W are not calculated into the student’s grade point average.

Failure to withdraw from a course by filing an official Add/Drop form with the Registrar’s Office will result in the permanent assignment of a punitive grade (e.g. “F” or “UF”).