CORE / General Education Category Designations

Day Program

EC1- Effective Communication 1

EC2 - Effective Communication 2

QL - Quantitative Literacy and Social Issues

SCI - Science for Global Citizens

ACE - Artistic and Creative Expression

SSHB - Social Sciences: Understanding Human Behavior

CKE - Civic Knowledge and Engagement

EL - Examined Life

PM - Purpose and Meaning


Adult Degree Completion Program Program

CA - Creative Arts

FD - Foundations

ID - Interdisciplinary Studies

MT - Mathematical Thinking and Quantitative Reasoning

NSB  - Natural Science Biological

NSP - Natural Science Physical

PH - Moral Philosophy/Ethics

REC - Religion, Cross Cultural

SR - Speech and Rhetoric

SS - Social Science

W1 - Expository Writing

W2 - Advanced Writing and Research