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Online Courses

Dominican University of California offers online courses for regular academic credit. Students register for online courses in the same way that they register for other courses, but may not add after the first week of classes. To participate in online courses, students must have regular access to a computer with a modem and internet service. The Campus Computer Lab cannot be used to take online courses. In order to participate in class, students are required to participate online several times a week. Most online courses also have a face-to-face component.

Variable-Unit Courses

When a student enrolls in a variable unit course, Self-Service defaults the unit count to the highest variable at the point of registration (i.e., course is offered for 1-4 units and the system will apply the highest variable, in this case "4"). Currently, adjusting units within variable-unit courses is managed through the Registrar's Office.  Students will need to submit an Add/Drop form to enable the unit count adjustment prior to the end of the registration period for that semester.

1-2-3 Day Classes

If classes meet on one or two Saturdays or for less than a full semester, the last day to add is the Monday after the first meeting. The instructor’s signature is required to add the class on the Monday. The last day to drop is the Friday before the first meeting. Once the class has met for the first time, withdrawal (grade of "W") is the only option. To avoid a "W" for one-, two-, or three-day courses, students must drop the course no later than the day before the course begins. To receive a grade of "W," students must submit an add/drop form the Friday before the final class meeting.

Note: 1-unit Saturday classes may have pre-assignments required. Please contact the appropriate department to acquire a list of readings when registering for a 1-unit class.

 Course Load

A typical undergraduate course load consists of 14-18 units per semester. For Adult Degree Completion(ADC) students, a typical course load is between 6-9 units.

It is strongly recommended that students who have not yet met the writing requirement limit their loads to 12 to 15 units per semester. A student may enroll for 18 units if he or she has carried 16 or more units the previous semester and received at least a 3.00 grade point average during that semester. Any student who has not met the above requirement must have the approval of his or her advisor to register for more than 18 units. Any student wishing to take 22 units or more must also have the approval of the Academic Petition Committee. Students are charged additional tuition for units in excess of 18. (Effective Fall 2019)

Graduate students’ course loads vary widely from program to program.  9 units of graduate coursework is considered full-time.

Course Repetition

A student may repeat a course in an attempt to achieve a better grade. Normally a student may only repeat a course in which a grade of “D” or “F” has been assigned; however, in certain courses, such as English 1004 and nursing courses, a student must achieve a grade of “C” or better to proceed further. In general, if a student repeats a course at Dominican, both grades remain on the record, although the student receives credit for the course only once. Once a student’s record has been modified for repeated courses, only the higher grade will be used in calculating the grade point average. (See the section on Academic Renewal in the University Catalog for unsuccessful work taken at least five years earlier.)

Thesis Continuation

Students continuing to work on their senior thesis beyond the usual number of semesters with a member of Dominican’s faculty will be charged a flat fee for the additional semester. The tuition and fee schedule is available in Business Services. For students who are registered only in the thesis continuation, and not in any other Dominican University courses, no additional fees beyond the flat fee will be charged. Students must complete registration forms with their advisors and register during Priority or Open Registration. Tuition accounts must be current for students to register.

Service Learning Course Designation

Service-Learning is an educational approach that integrates meaningful community work with academic curriculum, enriching learning through the application of theory to practice and practice to theory. Service-Learning embraces the principles of reciprocity between all parties – the community partners are co-educators, faculty and students are engaged citizens, and the academy becomes an active member of the local and global community.

Look for the “SL:” in the title signifying that the course has earned the Service-Learning courses learn the life skills and gain the practical experience that employer’s and graduate schools are looking for:

  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • Demonstrated communication skills and cooperative work ethic
  • Experience working with diverse groups
  • Knowledge of key societal issues
  • Leadership, motivation, commitment

The “SL:” will also appear as a notation on student transcripts indicating commitment to community and civic engagement through academic service-learning.

Cross Registration

Cross-Registration is open to students who need to register in classes outside their usual program; for example, Adult Degree Completion (ADC) students who need to take a class offered in the Day program. Cross-registration is subject to approval of the student’s academic advisor, the Chair of the department offering the requested course, and in certain cases, the Director of the ADC program.  Cross-registrations will be monitored by the relevant authorities.  Students who are ineligible to cross-register in a specific course will be notified and administratively dropped.

Cross-registration is not permitted for ADC General Education courses.   Cross-registration of Day students into ADC classes is limited to those juniors and seniors with a minimum 2.5 grade point average who have the signed consent of their academic advisor.

Independent Learning Contracts

Courses that require special contracts (i.e., Independent Studies X999; Internships X996; Teaching Assistantships X994) are not available for online registration. Contract forms are available (click here for Forms).  Completed forms with all required signatures may be submitted to the Registrar's Office during the registration period.