Major Declaration (Undergraduates) & Non-Degree Information

Major Declaration - Undergraduate

By the close of the sophomore year, each student should formally declare a major with the approval of the appropriate Department Chair or Dean. The student should obtain the Declaration of Major form from the Registrar’s Office, complete the required information, secure the required signatures, and return it to the Registrar’s Office. If a student declares a major upon admission, he/she needs to file a Declaration of Major form only when changing majors or adding a second major. Students wishing to change their major to occupational therapy must complete a separate application process.

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Dominican University of California welcomes non-degree-seeking students to enroll in eligible classes without formal admission to the university. Non-degree-seeking students enroll on a space-available basis, when there are sufficient open seats in the class to allow for their participation without displacing degree-seeking students. The instructor's permission is required. The instructor reserves the right to request evidence that the student has met any prerequisite(s) the class may require.

Non-degree-seeking student registration occurs in the first week of each semester. The prospective student attends the first class meeting in order to obtain the permission of the instructor, by signature, on the Non-Degree Registration form. If the instructor's permission has been obtained prior to the first class meeting, is still required that the student attend the first class meeting before registering_ and paying for the class. Students should be prepared to make payment in full at time of registration, by cash, check, or money order.

To register, the student brings the completed, approved Non-Degree Registration form to the Registrar's Office in Bertrand Hall, Room 108. A Registrar staff member will create a student account, process a preliminary registration, and accompany the student to the Business Services Office (Bertrand Hall, Room 103} to complete the process. Payment of tuition and fees complete the registration process.

Tuition and fee rates for the program offering the course(s) will be charged. Tuition and fees for the current year are posted at:  www.dominican .edu/ admissions/ aid/ cost s2. The Dominican University Refund policy applies.

A maximum of nine units of undergraduate academic credit earned by a non- degree seeking student may be applied to a future Dominican bachelor's degree, subject to formal admission and approval of the degree program chair. A maximum of six units of post-baccalaureate or graduate academic credit earned by a non- degree seeking student may be applied to a future Dominican master's degree, subject to formal admission and the approval of the degree program chair. A signed statement of informed consent is required for non-degree-seeking students who wish to enroll in more than the above maximum numbers of credits.