Website Design/ Content Management

The purpose of this policy is to describe certain visual and information elements and their usage that are required for all official Dominican University of California Web pages. All publicly accessible Web pages presenting official University information must adhere to the requirements below. This includes all pages containing information sanctioned by the University and directly related to University business or academic activities.

What is not covered by this policy

While the University encourages the application of the policies defined in this document, for ease of use and consistency across all parts of the Dominican University of California Web space, adoption of this policy is not required for:

  • Student, faculty and staff personal pages, course management pages, intranet pages (defined as sites requiring a restricted-access login) and student organizations.
  • Any sites that exist to communicate the work of a consortium or other multi-party organization of which Dominican is a part, but which is not an official Dominican organization. 


Recommendations and General Guidelines

Please refer to the Web section of this toolkit for all Web policies and guidelines.



Web pages at Dominican University of California are expected to adhere to the highest levels of quality, properly reflecting Dominican’s image and stature and to abide by established standards and guidelines. While units of the University are able to modify their own pages/sites, the marketing director or web content manager will be responsible for ensuring adherence to the guidelines in this policy and for establishing and maintaining a University Web Style Guide.

If external web production or design is required due to scope and/or scheduling issues, marketing will facilitate and manage external vendor relationship and production on behalf of the University unit.