The purposes of this policy are:

  • To help ensure a consistent public image of Dominican University of California.
  • To secure the best advertising rates.

To implement a processes that ensure best practices are exercised.



This policy applies to all schools, departments and business units.


Advertising Policy

All University advertising purchases will be managed by the University marketing department whether internally or through outside agencies. This includes all forms of paid and free advertising, including print (newspaper, magazine, etc.), broadcast (radio and television), Web and social media, billboards, direct mail, movie theatre screens and signage. The University marketing department has the sole authority to execute all advertising commitments and contracts and is responsible for consistent use of University design and copy standards. Contact Nancy Bulette, Director of University Marketing, for more information on University advertising.

The University marketing department is available to assist any unit in the University in developing an integrated marketing communications plan. Early involvement in this process can save time during execution phases such as advertising.

Proposed advertisements and accompanying information should be submitted to the University marketing department as far in advance of the planned advertising as possible. It is strongly suggested that ads are requested at least three and a half weeks before the artwork due date. The University marketing department will attempt to expedite production when necessary. 

Advertising by Outside Companies

All proposed uses of Dominican name and/or logo in advertising by outside companies should be coordinated with the University marketing department. (Example: An architectural firm wants to use a picture of a Dominican building and Dominican logo in an advertisement they will place in a trade journal.)