Student Health Plan/Insurance

Dominican expects students registered for six or more units to be covered by a medical insurance plan. Healthcare costs can become quite expensive if an unexpected emergency, accident or unforeseen health problem develops. Having an adequate plan that is accepted by local providers is very important.

The Student Health Center 415.485.3208 and the Business Services Office 415.257.0161 have contact information for students who need to obtain their own individual health plan. Students covered by a plan from out of the area or state should check with their plan administrator to make sure it is acceptable in the Marin County area.

Students covered by MediCal or other state/federal health plan can check with their plan administrator to be assigned to a local provider clinic. It is important that students are familiar with how to use their health plan, carry their own insurance card and be advised about co-pays and deductibles. Any student who has chronic or special health or mental health needs should consider obtaining a Marin County primary care provider. Student Health Services is happy to assist with referrals to local providers such as labs, pharmacies, clinics, primary care providers if there is a need beyond the services we can provide.