Dominican's E-Pay System

In addition to paying tuition in-person or by mail, students and parents may pay online using our E-Pay System.

Overview of Our Online Billing & Payment System

Students and parents may pay online and add funds to their Penguin Passes electronically using our E-Pay System. Since Dominican University of California does not accept credit cards, the University partnered with CASHNet to offer a real-time, online, account balance lookup and an online payment gateway for students. Links located at the end of this webpage will link you to our online payment gateway.


How to Pay Online

Please see the videos below and our Step by Step Instructions to learn how to pay online.


To view this video with subtitles, click here.


Making Online Payments towards Your Student's Account

To view this video with subtitles, click here.

The following links will connect you to the E-Pay System. - For students, faculty and staff - For parents and other authorized users