Summer Lecture Series 2019

Lectures: 10:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Guzman Lecture Hall, Dominican Campus *except July 11 - Guzman 306*

The Socratic Circus Club: July 18, 25; August 1, 8, 15 3:45-5:15 p.m. Guzman 104



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Week One

July 8 ­­| They Shall Not Grow Old:  A revolutionary breakthrough of technology takes us to the Western Front in World War I, where we witness up close the bravery, stoicism and grit of British soldiers. Oak Dowling, J.D.

July 9 | Circle of Friends: Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn: This lecture will describe the incredible musical achievements and important relationships of the Mendelssohns and their friends. Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D.

July 10 | Leonard Cohen: This lecture will trace Cohen’s career, including his evolution from poet and novelist to the acclaimed creator of such classics as Suzanne and Hallelujah. Richie Unterberger.

July 11 | The Lost Opportunity of Emperor Akihito:This lecture will explain why and when Emperor Akihito should have apologized for the Pacific War and the consequences today of his not having done so. Jean Bowler, M.A. *Note: this lecture is in Guzman 306.

Week Two

July 15 | Language and Memory: Everybody's experienced the “Tip of the Tongue” phenomenon: you can’t think of the word you want. Sparked by good news from recent research, this session explores current studies in Language and Aging. Rachelle Waksler, Ph.D.

July 16 | Circle of Friends: Clara and Robert Schumann: This lecture will describe the amazing musical achievements and important relationships of the Schumanns and their circle of friends. Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D.

July 17 | Women in Comedy: From Mae West through screwball comedy stars Ros Russell and Carole Lombard to television icons like Carol Burnett and contemporary female comics, women have been among our most prominent comic geniuses. Larry Eilenberg, Ph.D.

July 18 | Globalization and its Cultural Discontents: This lecture will explore spiraling cross-cultural misunderstandings---sometimes tragic, sometimes comic--in an increasingly globalized, polarizing world. Joe Lurie, Ph.D.

Week Three

July 22 | Marin County Rock of the 1960s: This lecture will discuss some of the greatest musicians of San Francisco rock—Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead—as they performed in Marin County clubs and landmarks. Richie Unterberger. 

July 23 | The Anti-War Movement 1: Most of the dozens of wars fought by America in its 250 year history have been vigorously contested at home by a vigilant and often vociferous peace movement. A two-part series (each part stands alone). Mick Chantler, M.A.

July 24 | Walt Disney Controversies: Disney has been called The Perfect American, yet his movies have been criticized for racism and gender stereotyping. This lecture will chart some potent Disney controversies—including Disney Paris. Larry Eilenberg, Ph.D.

July 25 | My Cousin Vinny: A Courtroom Drama: In perhaps the most comic---yet realistic-- courtroom film drama of all time, two young New Yorkers are put on trial in rural Alabama for a murder they did not commit. Oak Dowling, J.D.

Week Four

July 29 | The American Road Movie - ”Song of the Open Road”: The popularity of movies like Easy Rider, Grapes of Wrath and Thelma and Louise may be explained in terms of our national character. Larry Eilenberg, Ph.D.

July 30 | The Anti-War Movement 2: A study of peace movements and the efforts of Americans who dared to say “no” to war (final lecture in series: Part 1 July 23). Mick Chantler, M.A.

July 31 | The Impeachment Trial of President Bill Clinton: Power, sex and money are often concocted to create notorious courtroom dramas. Keeping in mind the upcoming Presidential election in 2020, we will delve into the impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton and its focus on his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Oak Dowling, J.D.

August 1 | Opera for Laughs: Great Comic Moments in the World of Opera: Selections from some of the most amusing moments in the wonderful world of opera from various styles and periods will enable us to explore what makes comic opera truly funny. Kip Cranna, Ph.D.