Philosophy and Religion Minor

This minor combines the study of two of the oldest and most enduring areas of inquiry into the meaning and purpose of humankind: philosophy and religion.

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Philosophy and Religion Minor

Regardless of the particular path of study, all students will engage in a thoughtful investigation of diverse responses to humanity’s enduring questions about self and the world. The critical study of religion and philosophy strengthens skills that are as important for earning a living as they are for leading a purposeful life: reasoning, analysis, and interpretation, heightening the individual’s capacity for self-knowledge, effective engagement with our complex world, and vision.

Commitment to Dominican's Heritage

While committed to inclusivity of religion traditions in the classroom and in its campus ministry, Dominican University of California continues to honor its Dominican religious tradition and social justice vision with its commitment to study, community, service, and reflection.

Social Justice Major with a Minor in Philosophy and Religion

Students interested in a Philosophy and Religion minor may also be interested in the Social Justice major. Social Justice coursework illuminates the larger contexts, histories, cultural, political, and religious dimensions that form and condition individuals and societies.