Pre-Ministerial, Minor

The pre-ministerial minor is intended for a broad array of students preparing for professional ministry, whether Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox or Jewish. The Bay Area is rich with seminaries for students receiving their undergraduate degree.

Pre Ministerial 2016-18 Minor Requirements    |    Religion 2016-18 BA Major     |     Religion 2016-18 Minor 


Dominican’s pre-ministerial minor is unique. In addition to requiring a basic knowledge of the Judeo-Christian tradition, the minor also requires six units in the cross-cultural study of religion.

In an increasingly globalized world, interreligious dialogue has become even more important, and people in ministry should be equipped to participate.

Our minor offers preparatory classes students might not have as options in seminary, such as business, counseling, art history or music, and women and gender studies. The minor requires students to complete an internship in a religious organization. For this internship students might choose to work in a church or synagogue, a church/synagogue sponsored social action group, or a monastery or institute for spirituality. This hands-on experience can help students discern whether they truly have a call for ministry and if so, how they want to answer that call.

Many students will combine a pre-ministerial minor with a major in Religion, but they may also combine it with many of the diverse majors Dominican offers.