Philosophy, Minor

Philosophy sharpens the mind's ability to think—to analyze, evaluate, criticize, and interpret. It sharpens the tongue's ability to argue—to create rationally strong arguments and to recognize weak ones. It heightens the soul's capacity to wonder—to imagine, to speculate, and to envision.

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Sunburst through TreeThese three abilities—to think clearly, to argue persuasively, and to envision possibilities—are always in demand in the world of work. Here they are developed in courses organized around a specific theme, key thinkers, or a historical period in western and world philosophy.

We offer a range of philosophical perspectives, through culturally and theoretically diverse course offerings from Philosophy of Human Nature to Philosophies and Religions of Asia.

As reported in, and other renowned business magazines, individuals with philosophy backgrounds are a hot commodity in the tech industry, both for their training in logical argumentation and knowledge of ethics.