Big History Lecture Series

Exploring the intersections of science, religion and spirituality.

In tandem with our signature Big History First Year Experience, we select and sponsor one to three nationally recognized scholars to engage students in ongoing debates about the genesis and meaning of our universe.

Contributor to Big History

2012 Big History Lecture Series
The Evolution Controversy: Who's Fighting Whom and About What?

Dr. Professor Ted Peters compared the positions of atheism, creationism, intelligent design, and theistic evolution and opened a forum of discussion for the audience to determine which positions to accept, reject or contemplate further.

Father Gabor, Big History, Catholic Astronomer

2013 Big History Lecture Series
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Dr. Paul Gabor, S.J., Vatican Observatory, spoke on the many scientific techniques for discovering planets where extra-terrestrial life may exist.


2014 Big History Lecture Series
Where is God in an Ancient Universe? The Case for Religious Belief in Big History

Dr. Peter Hess combined scientific and theological reflections with stories about his adventures as a rock climber. His lecture emphasized the need for theology to change given the advances of scientific progress. 

Nature is Enough by Dr. Loyal Rue and Is Nature Enough by Dr. John Haught

2015 Big History Lecture Series
Haught v. Rue - A Cosmic Story: An Exchange of Perspectives of Nature & Theism

Dr. Loyal Rue's book Nature is Enough claims that the natural world, as opposed to a supernatural realm, can inspire a religious sensibility and a conviction that life is meaningful. John Haught's book Is Nature Enough? challenges this naturalist view and seeks to provide a reasonable scientifically informed alternative. The two experts exchanged contrasting perspectives.

Dr. Margaret Rappaport, Dr. Christopher Corbally, S.J., perspectives on science, religion and art, truth, nature of truth

2015 Big History Lecture Series
Dialogues and Skits on Science, Religion and Early Human Life

Drs. Margaret Rappaport and Christopher Corbally, S.J. examined how science, religion, and art provide different and valid perspectives on the same reality. That together they yield a more complete understanding of the truth. 


2016 Big History Lecture Series
Co-creating an Unfinished Universe:Telihard's Vision 

The immensity of the Big Bang cosmos and the brief history of homo sapiens life has led some scientists to believe that we are here by chance. But Teilhard de Chardin saw that we have a critical role to play in evolution. His vision integrated science, religion, and human action. Dr. Ilia Delio, OSF discusses and reflects on his teachings.