Research Resources

Our campus library and bookstore provides a peaceful setting for study and reflection.

Check the online catalog for book and periodical holdings.

  • Computer based library resources, including full text articles, are available in the Library. 
  • PsychINFO and many other databases are available online. 
  • You can receive an access code from the reference librarian and use the database at home on your own computer.
  • Visit the Dominican University Library

Undergraduate Psychology Journals

(from University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries)

Local Libraries

Finding journals and books for research papers or for the Senior Thesis will inevitably involve accessing journals and books outside of those at the Dominican University library.  While the campus library will often be able to get outside books and journal articles for you if given enough time, you may find it more convenient to track down those off campus sources on your own.  Here is a brief alphabetical list of some local helpful libraries and bookstores. 

  • College of Marin, College Avenue, Kentfield, 4l5.485.9475
  • Jung Institute (Virginia A. Detloff Library), Gough Street, San Francisco, 4l5.771.8055
    A wonderful collection of psychology books, especially those related to Jungian psychology. They also have an extensive audio tape collection. Students are allowed to use materials on the premises only, but if you are looking for a special book or article they may have it.
  • Marin General Hospital, Bon Air Road, Kentfield, 4l5.925.7000
    The Marin General medical library has some psychiatry journals.

  • San Francisco State, Holloway Avenue (off 19th Avenue) San Francisco 4l5.338.1854
    This library features a testing library which you can examine--though not reproduce--a  number of psychological and educational tests.
  • San Francisco Theological Seminary, 2 Kensington Road, San Anselmo, 4l5.258.6636 

  • Sonoma State University, S. Sequoia Way, Cotati, 707.664.2161
  • U.C. San Francisco (Medical Center), Parnassus Avenue, San Francisco, 4l5.476.2334
  • U.C. Berkeley Ed/Psych. Library, Off Hearst Avenue, Berkeley 5l0.624.4208
    Most of the journals that you may need are in the Education-Psychology Library or the Biosciences Library.  A few others can be found in a couple of the smaller, specialized libraries on campus (e.g. Public Health).  Avoid the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, as it is restricted to U.C. students only.
  •  University of San Francisco,  2130 Fulton Street, San Francisco, 415.422.2660


Summer School Options

Attending summer school is a good way to make up "lost" units from the prior year or to advance in units so that the coming year can be "lighter."  Before attending summer school check with your advisor to ensure that the course(s) you are taking will fulfill Dominican's General Education or Psychology major requirements. Fill out the Permission to Take Courses Off Campus Form to receive prior approval from the Registrar's Office. You will need at least 48 upper division units. Community colleges only fulfill lower division units. You can usually attend any college as a "special student" as long as you don't exceed a specified number of units at that institution. Check with schools you are interested in well in advance of the end of the spring term.

Summer School Possibilities in the San Francisco Bay Area