Dominican offers a wide variety of outside student internships.  "An internship must provide a supervised learning experience on a pare-professional level which will enhance the student's employable skills."

An internship is different from a field placement in that 1) it does not include classroom supervision; 2) the student works more independently; and 3) more hours are required to meet unit requirements.  If you are interested in an internship, consider the following:

  • You must be a junior or senior, with a 3.0+ GPA have the recommendation of your advisor and have completed Psy 4940 (Field Placement).
  • An internship requires 45 hours per unit, with a maximum of 3 units per semester.
  • Cost: Included in full-time tuition if you are carrying no more than 17 units.  If internship results in 18+ units, there is a flat fee. 
  • During the summer, internships are charged at  a flat fee, regardless of the number of units (check with the Registrar's Office for these fees).
  • An internship (Psy 4996) may not be substituted for Psy 4940. A Psychology major must take Psy 4940 for at least one semester.  (Note that two semesters of Field Placement are highly recommend for those planning to apply to graduate school and many of the top field placement sites will not take students unless that commit to 6 months at their site.)