Senior Thesis

Every student who graduates from the Psychology major at Dominican University of California completes a Senior Thesis on an approved topic of their choice. The course associated with this project occurs over two semesters and students are granted 8 units of academic credit.

Thanks for making me super confident in my research skills, and for making my current school Psychology graduate program's research class feel like a complete walk in the park. Dominican’s Directed Research class gave me such confidence in my ability to handle big projects without stress, and I can't tell you how valuable that's been in grad school. One of my professors commented that I'm one of the least stressed members in my cohort, and I think a lot of it has to do with the Psychology undergraduate study and research project at Dominican.

—Kendra Pollock, Class of 2015

Senior Thesis Presentation 2016 - Karl Ohrner
Karl Ohrner, 2016 Winner of the Bob Shukraft Award

Take a moment to glance at some of the thesis topics in the link below to see the wide range of topic previously investigated. Under faculty supervision (10:1) students develop a research question, design a methodology to help answer their question, collect data, and analyze their results. Students present their research at an on campus Scholarly Conference each spring, and some students participate in national conferences (Western Psychological Association, American Psychological Association, National Council of Undergrad Research to name a few) and others publish their work in recognized professional journals. 

Places to Publish as an Undergraduate in Psychology: