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Matthew S. Davis, Ph.D.

Dr. Davis is originally from Massachusetts where he earned his BA in Psychology. He earned his MA in Experimental Social Psychology in Virginia, and came to California in 1982 to complete his doctoral work in the interdisciplinary field of Social Ecology, with a focus on both Social Psychology and on the geological processes that create earthquakes and volcanoes. After teaching at several campuses of the California State University system, Dr. Davis began teaching full-time at Dominican in 1994. He regularly teaches courses in social psychology, social influence, statistics and research, human sexuality, media psychology, and a specialty course called Natural Disasters: Societal & Individual Reactions to Risk. His nickname on campus is “Disasterman” and he has completed two large-scale research projects on public awareness of volcanic hazards in the vicinity of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy, as well as studies of risk perception for volcanic hazards at Mt. Rainier, Washington, and tsunami hazards along the northern California coast. Most recently he has been involved in research evaluating the psychological effects of participating in "Get Ready Marin" and CERT disaster preparedness training sessions here in Marin County. Matt loves to travel. He has visited all 50 of the United States and has driven across the country more than 25 times. He has also traveled extensively throughout Europe (including over a dozen separate trips to Italy), to several nations around the Pacific Rim, to Ecuador and Iceland, and most recently to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Matt shares his love of travel with his students and colleagues, having led a number of university trips to Greece, Italy, and Berlin & Prague. He is fairly fluent in Italian, has a passion for photography, travel writing, and many styles of music, displays a knack for finding great restaurants, and is an avid TV buff.