July 26 - 28

I finally got a tour of Mahidol University. I had been surprised by the size of the International building. The International Building doubles for an expensive hotel. Mahidol Pavilion occupies the top few floors of the building, providing first hand work experience for students to prepare them for work in social occupations. I received a tour of this beautiful hotel and sampled their fried BBQ bananas. Something that I found really cool, besides an expensive hotel being on top of my school building, was my guides favorite part of the information books. This part of the book contained the opinions of each of the employs, from the manager to the kitchen staff and cleaning crew.

Mahidol University also contains a pre-college. Each student must pass a series of English exams in order to attend the university. If a student cannot pass each exam, they have to attend the pre-college. If one exam is failed, they must start from the beginning level.

The campus is beautiful, covered with parks, flowers, and ponds. It's big enough to require a tram system that has three different lines, depending on the direction you’re going and how far you want to go from the tram station.  I was surprised to find that water monitors (pretty big ones) live on the campus, and the fact that they only eat chicken didn't help. This comment about chicken was made shortly after I ate my first (and most likely last) portion of chicken legs. They surprisingly had little flavor but had the texture of jelly. Worse, I had to remove the bones myself, which turned out to be annoying to say the least since I had to follow the bone down to the claw. I also tried boiled chicken blood during the same meal. At first the grainy but squishy texture almost made me sick. However, after I knew what to expect, the texture no longer bothered me and I realized that the blood tasted surprisingly sweet. Despite the fact that I was able to eat these two foods, I basically lost my appetite for the rest of the day, definitely worth trying though.

While walking home from the university, My roommate and I came across a band playing on the street. They were playing The White Stripes and were fun to watch. It's amazing the things that you randomly come upon when you decide to walk instead of take a bus or taxi.

My internship ended up being in the adolescent clinic at Siriraj Hospital. This hospital is huge, with multiple building and a series of museums included. This is also the hospital where the King currently resides, meaning there is security everywhere.  My placement was observing the case the team in the clinic had for the day. The team discussed the case and went a spoke with the patient. I would then be told the conclusion of the situation. I witnessed four cases. I found two of these cases very interesting. One case involved a young girl who was pregnant. I learned that all similar cases involving individuals younger than 15 are treated as sexual abuse cases. Also, despite what the individual who is pregnant wants, the parents have the final say. This was so amplified in the meeting I watched that they girl barely said a word until her mom left. The other case that interested me involved a boy attending a monk’s school who was suffering from separation anxiety. I was extremely surprised when I found that the hospital not only covers physical ailment, but emotional and mental as well.