Greetings from Mauritius

Mauritius was beautiful... complete resort place in the sense of light water beaches and great fine sand. It is very interesting because the mix of people is very interesting there is a huge Chinese population, a big Hindu population, and there are indigenous people. Their main language is Creole and they are part of Africa. So as you can see they are kind of all over the place haha. If you asked me what someone from Mauritius looked like I’m not sure I’d be able to tell you, it’s very much a melting pot. Everyone is really relaxed. They are westernized in the sense of industrialization but the streets are still dirty. I'm not quite sure about the level of poverty; I didn't see a lot, they seem to be stable at least. But I’ll find out better before I make assumptions. We arrived, got 2 taxis because there were seven of us and went to Grand Baie which is their prettiest beach. On our way there we took a drive up this hill which gave us a panoramic view of the city and then we went to see a private beach. We stayed at Grand Baie (which was about 30 minutes from Port Louis where we docked) for about 2 hours, maybe a little less. He took us to eat at a Creole restaurant; I ordered lobster which is what that restaurant was known for, it was really good! We then went to some souvenir shops and to a local café for dessert. We got a tour of the city and then were taken back to the boat. It was a big tease but it was a nice half way point for us to India. It isn't very big so besides spending more time at the beach there wasn't really much else to do. It was also a Sunday so not only were things closed but everyone is very relaxed. Great day though off the boat!