Pi Sigma Alpha Conference

Pi Sigma Alpha Conference, Washington D.C. 2015, Meghan Nelson

Meghan Nelson Shares Her Experience From the 2015 Pi Sigma Alpha National Conference in Washington, DC.

The Pi Sigma Alpha conference held in Washington, D.C. this February 2015 was both personally and academically fulfilling. I had the opportunity to see Washington, D.C. for the first time, which was an honor for me as an American citizen and a political science student. I met wonderful people from all across the country, who demonstrated their clear passions for American and international politics from the many conversations we had together.

Perhaps the biggest gift and the motive for my far travels, was the constructive critique of my senior honors thesis on "How Foreign Direct Investment Affects Political Risk". The group moderator, professionals and my peers gave me insight to take my thesis to the next level as I return and finalize it for graduation. I would highly recommend undergraduates to take this opportunity that Pi Sigma Alpha has given political science students, "to take you, your career and your research to the next level."