Political Science

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The study of politics entails much more than an analysis of current events, the activities of politicians, or the workings of government institutions. In a broad sense, political science is concerned with the nature of power and with its uses and abuses. Because this definition encompasses all of human activity, the study of politics must attend to a vast range of human endeavors.

The sheer breadth of the field is what makes the study of politics so intriguing and so important. Moreover, the study of politics is a vital component of an authentic liberal arts education, an education with which students learn to identify, analyze, and evaluate critically significant aspects of the human condition.

Imagine the Career Possibilities

The Political Science Department at Dominican University of California is distinguished not only by its commitment to a genuine liberal arts education, but also by its commitment to promoting the development of skills requisite for an informed, active, and responsible citizenship. The Political Science program prepares students for a variety of careers in the areas of policy analysis, teaching, law, diplomacy, business, government, non-governmental organization, campaign management, and journalism.



On October 23, 2012 we continued our tradition of the "Vote Smart Challenge" that began in 2008. Our 3rd Vote Smart Challenge was designed to help create an informed electorate by motivating people to become involved in the political process.



David Ngyuen, Drew Reid, Talia Gonzales, Chris Suen, Exit Poll, 2016 Election, Political Science

On Election Day, students from the Campaigns and Elections class conducted an exit poll. Students spent the day at various polling sites in Marin County and compared their results to the National Exit Polls.