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Monica Spohn (Class of 2017, International Studies major) Senior Thesis Published 

Monica Spohn recently published her senior thesis entitled "Emigrants’ Stories of Foreign Aid and their Reasons for Emigration: Guatemalans on the Move" in Universitas Psychologica published by the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Psychology Faculty (Bogotá, Colombia). Monica is currently working for Americorps in the Oakland Unified School District

Daniela Leyva (Class of 2014), Program Assistant for the Robert T. Matsui Center of Politics and Public Service at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley

Daniela was recently hired as a Program Assistant for the Robert T. Matsui Center of Politics and Public Service at the Institute of Governmental Studies at UC Berkeley. The Matsui Center engages Cal students in public life through internships, public events, and the presence of distinguished campus visitors. Daniela coordinates these internships, fellowships and special programs for the Matsui Center and the Institute of Governmental Studies. The internships and fellowships pair students with local, state and federal government and the special programs include guest speakers from around the world. Daniela also has the opportunity to travel with students to Sacramento and Washington, DC furthering her own interests in government and politics.

Sydney Lewis (Class of 2013) Hired as a Staff Assistant for Senator Kamala Harris

Sydney Lewis was hired by newly elected California Senator Kamala Harris as a Staff Assistant and Director of the state-wide internship program for the Sacramento Office. Prior to becoming part of Harris's staff Sydney worked for Senator Barbara Boxer and was a Leon and Sylvia Panetta congressional intern in 2012. Her experience in Boxer's office and as a congressional intern helped her land her new job. She has been a valuable resource for the office---they have had a lot of questions about the staffing, constituents, and day-to-day operations. We are thrilled that Sydney is going to be able to continue working for the US Senate!

Carson Niello, (Political Science, '14)Will Start UC Hastings School of Law in August 2016 political science alumni '14

Carson Niello (class of 2014)is getting ready to be an L1 this August at UC Hastings! Since graduating from Dominican in 2014 Carson has been working for Senator Dianne Feinstein in her San Francisco office. He is currently a Constituent Services Representative, managing casework related to the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In addition, Carson assists families facing foreclosure as a liaison with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We are thrilled that Carson is pursuing his interests and are excited to hear about his new adventures in law school.

Darcel Sanders (Political Science, Psychology '09) Named Legislative Director for State Senator Carol Liu

Darcel Sanders (Political Science, Psychology '09) has been named Legislative Director for State Senator Carol Liu (SD 25), a Democrat from Southern California.  In her new role, Sanders manages the Senator's legislative team and bill package as well as advises her boss on the state budget and matters being taken up on the Senate Floor.  Darcel's policy focuses are in the areas of Early Childhood Education, K-12 Education, Public Safety, Human Services, Agriculture, Poverty, and Women's/Children's Issues. Read more about Darcel, her time at Dominican, and her other impressive academic and career achievements.

Dominican Alumna Lands Job as Paypal Intelligence Analyst

Melissa Divens (class of 2015), political science major has landed a job as an intelligence analyst for PayPal. She is responsible for monitoring the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa), which, alone, has 19 locations spread out through 16 countries. In her capacity as intelligence analyst Melissa tracks political, social, economic, and weather patterns. She recently wrote about the EuroZone crisis and is currently following the ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict along with the Calais Crisis.

Melissa’s day typically consists of monitoring the news and sending out needed advisories or bulletins to make sure PayPal employees traveling in certain regions of the world are safe. She says, “it is like I’m writing a one-page research paper every day, all over again. All of my information goes to the executives of the company. That way they are aware of the physical environment around the company’s location, as well as potential safety hazards either for local employees or for those traveling to at-risk areas.” 

We are proud of Melissa and not surprised by her recent success. Prior to graduating from Dominican, Melissa submitted a senior thesis on "Terrorist Black Holes: The Case of Northern Ireland."

Janelle Harris (Class of 2011) Admitted to the California Bar

Janelle Harris (Class of 2011) graduated from University of San Francisco law school in May of 2014 and has just passed the bar exam and has been admitted to the California bar. We are thrilled for her and for how much she has achieved since graduating from Dominican. We wish her all the best and many, many successful years ahead!

Farah Moshen at CornellFarah Moshen (Class of 2012), An Alumni Activist’s Journey

Last April, Farah Moshen was hired by the Private Manning Support Network (formerly known as the Bradley Manning Support Network) as a campaign organizer. She joined the campaign to help advocate and support the army whistleblower Pvt. Chelsea Manning who gave classified information to Wikileaks revealing more the 700,000 documents on US military violations in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with diplomatic cables that exposed the true nature of the US’s foreign policy. (Watch the Collateral Murder Video)
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Kalina Machlis (Class of 2013 International Studies and Communications double major) Interning for the America's Cup in San Francisco 

Kalina will be spending the summer and part of the fall as a Marketing intern for the America's Cup organization in San Francisco. This is an exciting opportunity for her! Click here to learn more about the America's Cup.

Veronica Chinchilla (Class of 2012 International Studies and Psychology major) Serving to help reduce poverty in Rhode Island

Veronica completed a year of service as the Juvenile Justice Coordinator for a nonprofit in Providence, RI through the national service agency AmeriCorps*VISTA. The goal of VISTA is to work specifically in historically disenfranchised, low-income, and high-minority communities to support and develop programs to reduce poverty.  Read more...

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