Alumni News, Events, & Awards

Farah Moshen at CornellFarah Moshen (Class of 2012), An Alumni Activist’s Journey

Last April, Farah Moshen was hired by the Private Manning Support Network (formerly known as the Bradley Manning Support Network) as a campaign organizer. She joined the campaign to help advocate and support the army whistleblower Pvt. Chelsea Manning who gave classified information to Wikileaks revealing more the 700,000 documents on US military violations in Iraq and Afghanistan, along with diplomatic cables that exposed the true nature of the US’s foreign policy. (Watch the Collateral Murder Video)

During her work, Farah traveled to Fort Meade, MD attending the court martial of Pvt. Chelsea Manning and Washington DC to cover the trial and organize educational and public events to raise awareness on the case of Pvt. Manning and the truth about the wars in Iraq. Farah gave speeches at rallies and demonstrations and moderated panel discussion events with key activist figures such as Daniel Ellsberg, Michael Ratner, Cornel West and Chris Hedges among others. (Watch the panel discussion with Cornel West and Chris Hedges)

Farah also won The Marin County Human Rights Award for her work with Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) as well as her continued work with Citizens Reach Out (CRO) documenting the stories of Iraqi refugees resettled in the US.

Farah is currently still working with the campaign and intends to go to grad school for Fall 2014.

Farah graduated from Dominican University, class of 2012 and earned her BA in Political Science with a concentration on International Relations.

To learn more about Farah and her journey coming to the US, listen to her interview with KALW:

kalina_profileimage.jpgKalina Machlis (Class of 2013 International Studies and Communications double major) Interning for the America's Cup in San Francisco. 

Kalina will be spending the summer and part of the fall as a Marketing intern for the America's Cup organization in San Francisco. This is an exciting opportunity for her! Check out the America's Cup website to learn more about the America's Cup. 


Veronica Chinchilla (Class of 2012 International Studies and Psychology major) has recently completed a year of service as the Juvenile Justice Coordinator for a nonprofit in Providence, RI through the national service agency AmeriCorps*VISTA.

The goal of VISTA is to work specifically in historically disenfranchised, low-income, and high-minority communities to support and develop programs to reduce poverty. As the Juvenile Justice Coordinator at Rhode Island for Community & Justice, Veronica coordinated and managed 5 committees with personnel representing law enforcement, community, mental health and social service agencies, educators, juvenile hearing board chairs and members, and the RI Family Court. In her first six months she co-wrote and successfully received a $30,000 grant which amounted to a 70% increase in RICJ's budget! Within the first 6 months of her service, Veronica was hosting a statewide meeting attended by over 70 personnel representing police departments and juvenile hearing boards. Juvenile Hearing Boards are a model practice in New England; these community courts represent a partnership between police departments and local community members. In addition, she helped develop a training guide on Youth Culture to help adults working with youth better understand the perspectives and challenges youth are facing today. This training guide includes topics on music, social media, consumer culture, and adultism. Veronica co-facilitated this training to over 30 youth and 20 adults (representing the state's Department of Children, Youth and Families). While transitions and new life experiences often come with challenges, Veronica was able to develop on both a professional and personal level. She had the opportunity to work in a new community, take on a managerial level job, design and implement projects, and collaborate on a statewide level with professionals from the RI Juvenile Justice System. 

Jeremy Block (Class of 2013, Political Science) is attending the Graduate Programme of International Laws, Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Jeremy has always been interested in international law and this program will give him an opportunity to explore all that the field has to offer! 

Juleah Cordi (Class of 2010) Graduates with Distinction from Chico State with an M.P.A. 

Juleah completed her Masters in Public Administration at Chico State in May 2013 and currently works as a project coordinator for the Sutter County Resource Conservation District.  She is responsible for all District event coordination and facilitation. Ms. Cordi is also the senior grant writer for the District, including research and development of potential grant funded projects as assigned by the District Manager. Her other contributions include editing documents, reports, and invoices, working with other staff on collaborative projects, and providing outreach to constituents throughout the District’s sphere of influence. 

Angelica Alleyne (Class of 2013) International Studies Major was Commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army

Angelica's commissioning ceremony took place on May 19, 2013 at UC Berkeley's Faculty Club. She will be stationed in Oklahoma for training. 

Angelica Alleyne

Alumni Caitlin Vejby (class of 2011, International Studies and Political Science double major) will attend UC Santa Barbara's Graduate School for Global and International Studies in Fall 2013

Caitlin's interest in international conflict and the role of non-profits in the international community will be furthered this fall when she enrolls in UCSB's Master's program for Global and International Studies. Caitlin received a full scholarship along with a teaching assistant position. Caitlin was also accepted to programs at Columbia University, the University of Denver, American University, Arizona State University, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Congratulations to Caitlin and we look forward to hearing more from her as she progresses through the program. 

Brandon Ernst to study Mandarin at the Prestigious Middlebury Language School 

Alumni Brandon Ernst, who graduated in Spring 2012 as an honors student with a bachelor's degree in political science and business management, has been awarded the 2013 Kathryn Davis Fellowship for Peace to attend Middlebury College in Vermont. Brandon will be spending eight weeks this summer in the Chinese language immersion program. Currently Brandon is an entrepreneur in the technology industry focusing on web design and social media. At DataFly Web Development, Brandon helps small to medium sized businesses increase client awareness through online communication, create technological efficiencies among internal operations, and develop web applications customized to their business needs. After Middlebury, Brandon's future goals include participating in the Peace Corps in Asia or Africa, and then attend graduate school to earn dual MBA and Master of International Affairs degree. Brandon is also a 2010 fellow at the Institute for International Public Policy.

Janelle Harris (Class of 2011) Summer Externship with State Appellate and Superior Court in San Jose

Janelle Harris (Class of 2011) is completing her second year in law school at the University of San Francisco and has received a summer externship working for the State Appellate and Superior Court in San Jose. She will spend four weeks with Justice Mihara (an Appellate Court Judge), and 4 weeks either in the civil or criminal superior court. Internships with Judges are always very competitive, so we are very excited that she was chosen.