Alumni Testimonials

Our Political Science, International Studies, and Pre-Law Students represent a wide range of interests and experiences. We are very proud of their accomplishments as undergraduates and we proudly recognize their achievements as alumni of our programs.

alumni, class of 2015, intern for the United States House of Representatives, compete on a winning team at a Model United Nations conference, educate the public about foreign policy during a presidential election, help conduct an Exit Poll for a presidential election, and work for two international women's rights non-profits"As a freshman I would have never imagined that I would graduate from Dominican with an honors double major in Political Science and International Studies.  On a whim, I took the Introduction to the Study of Politics course during my first semester of college and I was hooked.  Where else, besides a school like Dominican, would I have been able to intern for the United States House of Representatives, compete on a winning team at a Model United Nations conference, educate the public about foreign policy during a presidential election, help conduct an Exit Poll for a presidential election, and work for two, international women's rights non-profits?  The fantastic and caring professors, the rewarding and challenging course of study, and the small and intimate classes made me fall in love with the department and helped me grow both personally and professionally as well as prepare me to pursue my dreams." Read more about Kelsea.

Kelsea Vaughan, Class of 2015, Political Science 

brandon_tajmahal""DU provided the big picture view I needed to succeed in a highly competitive job market. The professors at Dominican helped me find life-changing opportunities and gave me the space to learn about what was possible. Since graduating, I started my own business developing websites and consulting small-medium sized business owners on internet marketing. In 2014, I worked at the US Agency for International Development Asia Bureau, researching Asian development issues, hosting foreign diplomats, and learning about the Agency’s priorities in Asia. In this position, I used research and networking skills I learned at Dominican. I am now living in China, expanding my web development business and teaching English. Next year, I’ll be going to Senegal with the Peace Corps where I’ll be working with entrepreneurs and small business groups. I look forward to graduate school and returning to the field of international development by combining it with my passion for technology. I am interested in economics, finance, smart cities, mobile technologies, and many other international development issues. I enjoy scuba diving, skiing, traveling, and hiking. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please feel free to email [email protected]" " 

Brandon Ernst, Class of 2012, Political Science (double major with Business Administration)

sydneylewis-leonpanetta copy.jpg"I think our department is amazing and does an awesome job of preparing students for life after college. I know that without all of the work my professors did throughout my four years at Dominican to make sure I did well and learned all about the different ways government works, my recent job opportunities would not have been possible." 

Sydney Lewis, Class of 2013, Political Science (double major with English)

Darcell Sacramento Picture“Dominican’s faculty and staff go above and beyond to insure that the education we receive will prepare us for whatever our next step may be.  In the political science department, the focus is on an interdisciplinary approach to education and scholarship.  Students have the privilege to study an array of subjects under the guidance of truly remarkable faculty who never cease to believe in our abilities. 
It’s a great time to be at Dominican!" 

—Darcel Nicole Sanders, Class of 2009, Political Science

 "I chose Political Science as a major because the topics interested me even though I knew I always wanted to work in the healthcare industry and it has paid off. Since graduation I have been working at a medical equipment start-up company and it has been an interesting time. We have had an FDA audit, a meeting with the medical director of Medicare, and have been communicating with VA hospitals negotiating contracts. The Political Science courses I took while at Dominican have been extremely helpful. The content we covered in class has been surprisingly useful and I would recommend to all students to pay close attention! You never know when you will need to use the information from class! This is especially true for the connections between Congress, the bureaucracy, and lobbyists....the classic iron triangle is so apparent, even in the business realm. I cherish now more than ever the education and experience I received."

 Marisa Perales, Class of 2013, Political Science

"The faculty is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and encourages us to further explore areas that interest us."

—Juleah Cordi, Class of 2010, Political Science

 "The department of Political Science at Dominican University of California provides an environment where students are free to challenge their professors and ask provocative questions while having their own thoughts and beliefs tested. It is this scholarly dialogue that trains students to think critically and try to change the world in which they live for the better."

—Richard Maher, Class of 2008, Political Science

"The Political Science Department at Dominican University helped me to think not just philosophically but practically as well. They helped me to be more thorough in gathering and processing information to either build an argument or to more clearly evaluate other claims."

—Mark Reynolds, Class of 2008, Political Science

 "The faculty in the Political Science Department have challenged but also encouraged me to develop my skills and reach my potential. I have had a wonderful experience and I have benefited greatly from all that the department has to offer. For example, Model United Nations competitions and even the remarkable opportunity to intern at the U.S. House of Representatives. I am confident that I have received a well-rounded education that will serve me well in all my future endeavors."

—Anya Villatoro, Class of 2008, Political Science

"I felt that the Department of Political Science and International Studies was able to provide me with a comprehensive background on world politics while offering opportunities to create courses centered around country-specific interests. The Political Sciences/International Studies faculty take a personal interest in each student's education and give them the tools and feedback they need in order to succeed in their field of study."

—Stephanie Morse, Class of 2008, International Studies