Music, BA

The music program offers courses designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the intellectual, social, and spiritual values of music in the individual's cultural life through performance, the study of theory and literature, participation in performing ensembles, and listening to music.


Dominican Music Students


The music program also welcomes non-music majors to participate in the program's performing ensembles, to study an instrument or voice in group or private study, to learn about music through music history and appreciation courses, and to study music through the general education program.

Requirements  Course Descriptions

Offered programs

  • Music, BA
  • Music, BA with Concentration in Performance
  • Music / Other Discipline double major, BA
  • Music, Minor

Music, BA
degree is designed for students who wish to study music as part of the liberal arts program irrespective of specific career goals, or for students who plan careers in music which require a broader general education and less emphasis upon solo performance. Students who are interested in double majoring or would like to pursue a demanding minor in another discipline would be recommended for this program.

Possible Tracks:
Teaching Track
Music Therapy Track
Music Business with Arts Management Minor
Double Major Tracks


Music, BA with Concentration in Performance includes a strong emphasis on performance, along with supportive studies in music, and Dominican's program of general education. This program will carry a larger unit load for applied music courses (private instruction). Students who are interested in pursuing performance and/or considering going on to graduate studies in music are recommended for this program.

Music Scholarships

Music scholarships are available, awarded on the basis of the audition. Please inquire with the department chair.

Audition Requirement

We require an audition, which can be fulfilled by sending a CD, DVD, YouTube link or music file.  If you are able, it would be best to come and audition for us in person. We require two pieces or movements of music, contrasting in tempo and mood. Excerpts are accepted

Music Opportunities

  • Dominican A Cappella Workshop, directed by Craig Singleton
  • Dominican Chamber Ensemble, directed by June Choi Oh
  • Dominican Jazz Ensemble, directed by Mark Culbertson
  • Dominican Chorale, directed by Craig Singleton
    (Members of the community are invited to join the chorale.)
  • Guitar class
  • Piano class
  • Private instruction

Contact Us

June Oh
Chair, Department of Music and Performing Arts
Angelico Hall, Room 121