Literary and Intercultural Studies Adult Degree Completion Program

Literary and Intercultural Studies nurtures the mind and spirit through a study of global cultures, joining the truth of the human experience to the beauty of art. Our goal is to prepare you to succeed in whatever direction you choose and, more important, to set the foundation for a deeply fulfilled life rich with intellectual wonder, compassion, and creativity.

Evening major for working adults


                                    Literary and Intercultural Studies Requirements and Course Descriptions

Core requirements focus on intercultural literacy and literary criticism. You can choose to concentrate your elective studies in literature or to broaden your intellectual horizons through a range of courses in various humanities fields such as art history, creative writing, cultural studies, history, music, philosophy, religion, and gender studies.

Our degree plan lets you further tailor the major to your interests and future goals through four different tracks.

  • Liberal Arts track continues an interdisciplinary investigation.
  • The MA track accelerates the path to a Master's in Humanities degree.
  • The Teacher Preparation track provides access to courses in the teaching credential program.
  • The Creative Writing track offers training in multiple genres of writing. 

In this program, you will undertake a two-semester capstone project on a topic of your choosing. Largely, these projects result from an extended research-based inquiry. Formats vary and may include academic writing, films, websites, photo-journalistic essays and more. We welcome projects with a civic engagement component. Creative writing students will devise original work within a chosen genre such as a collection of poems, a novella, historical fiction and others.