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At Dominican, we offer an array of international language classes introducing students to the numerous cultures and voices of the world. Our International language program provides instruction – pronunciation, grammar, reading and conversation, as well as immersion in culture through music, films, history, food and traditions. Whether one is new to the language or a native speaker brushing up on skills, our balanced programs help students create career and life opportunities in their local and global communities.

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Spanish Language:
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Spanish Certificate

The Certificate in Spanish is designed to bring novice language learners to at least a high-intermediate level of Spanish. Upon completion of the program, participants should have developed both the language skills and cultural understanding to communicate within a Spanish-speaking environment. The Certificate signifies that a student has successfully completed beginning and intermediate language courses in Spanish, providing a proof of proficiency for résumés and applications. For more information, contact Radica Ostojic-Portello.

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