Dickens Universe

A week immersed in the Victorian era and the writings of Charles Dickens

Dickens Universe is a unique opportunity to participate in a week-long, intensive summer study of a Dickens novel and related issues of Victorian history and culture. The “universe” is held at in Santa Cruz during the first week of August and run by the Dickens Project Consortium. Faculty, undergraduates, graduate students, high school teachers, high school students, and community members from all over the world gather together for convivial lectures, workshops, discussions, and social gatherings (from Victorian dance to a hike through the redwoods). Dominican students can register for Dickens Universe through Global Education Office and receive 3.0 units of either undergraduate or graduate study.  

"I liked gathering and interacting with so many people from different backgrounds and different ages. I’ve seen and enjoyed talking to students, researchers, and professors from all across the United States as well as worldwide." (Zainab Alsadah, '17)

"My week with fellow Dickens students proved to be an inspiring and unifying experience. I greatly enjoyed the vast diversity of students and faculty, all of whom shared a strong love and fascination [with a] Victorian writer." (Alexandra Fradelizio, '16)

"I will struggle to capture all that I learned and enjoyed during my week at the Dickens Universe. It was an incredible experience – one I will never forget." (Amy Hale, MA student)