Students and Alumni

Undergraduate and Graduate Humanities Theses and Projects


The senior project is the culmination of the Art History, History, Humanities and Cultural Studies, and Religion majors. The projects are prepared under faculty guidance and offer the opportunity of further in-depth study of a topic of special interest to the student.

  • Melissa Buck, Catholic Lesbian Consciousness, Humanities
  • Kaylee Carroll, A Journey to Ireland: Exploring the History of Irish Thought and Discovering my Origins,
  • Alexandria Cronin, Religion and Women in the Ancient Near East, Religion
  • Daniele Zimmerman, Unjustly Accused: The Arrests, Trials and Murders of the Crusading Religious Warrior Knights of the Temple of Solomon, History
  • David Lim, Examining the Cambodian Genocide & My Family's Experience, History
  • Lori Davis, Military Women during the Second World War, History
  • Marjorie Delgadillo, From High Risk to Opportunity: The Experience of Minority Children and Adolescents in Foster Care, Humanities
  • Cynthia Doherty, One Size Does Not Fit All, Humanities
  • Rebecca Jackson, An Art Exhibit by the Children of Willow Creek Academy: A Sausalito Public Charter School, Humanities
  • Beverly Kit, The Biracial Experience in America: Memoirs of a Mixed-Race Girl, Humanities/SCS (Honors)
  • Michelle La Vallee, Ageless Attitudes, Humanities/SCS
  • Bernadette Lorda, Business Plan for Beyond Faces Foundation, Humanities
  • Forrest Manning, When a Second Chance is More Like a First, Humanities
  • Mo Munsell, The Significance of Adequate Funding for Residential Treatment Programs, Humanities
  • Tamara Nance, Reflections on the Medical Maze: Individuals, the System and Ethics, Humanities
  • Sarah Onizuka, Redheads in America, Humanities
  • Brendan Perry, How College Students from Single vs Dual Parent Families Adjust to Life, Humanities
  • Jonel Cathan Seon, Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Equality, Humanities
  • Kathleen Smith, Education in the Hands of the US Supreme Court: Why is Racial Segregation Still an Issue? Poli Sci/History
  • Amy Stasch, Three Seasons as a Park Ranger: The Confluence of Wilderness, Management, and Human Experience in Katmai National Park and Preserve, Humanities
  • Philip Young, The American Empire and Colonization, History
  • April Zay, Uniting and healing the Community: A reflection of Jesus Through Poverty, Oppression and Homosexuality, Religion


Graduate Humanities students have the option of doing a culminating project. Students who choose to do a project participate in two culminating project workshops and work closely with a primary and secondary reader.

  • Marisa Di Menna
    Thesis: Eastern Mediterranean Pottery:
    Origins and Influences Converging in Turkey
  • Katherine Erickson
    Thesis: Chivalry and Romantic Love in the Courts of Eleanor of Aquitane: The Quest for Civility in an Otherwise Barbaric World
  • Joseph Rozewski
    Thesis: The Role of the Human Figure in Abstract Expressionism: An Anchor to Realism
  • Mikako Toh
    Culminating Project: Recital and Performance Guide to Francis Puoulenc’s 15 Improvisations in B Minor and C Major; Franz Schubert’s Piano Sonata in A Minor, OP. 42, D845; and Claude DeBussy’s L’Isle Joyeuse



Amy Stasch, 2007, majored in Humanities and Cultural Studies with an environmental studies emphasis and minored in Chemistry. While at Dominican, Amy worked for three summers as an interpretive ranger at Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. She describes her honor’s thesis entitled Three Seasons as a Park Ranger: The Confluence of Wilderness, Management, and Human Experience in Katman National Park and Preserve as “a creative writing, humanistic exploration of my Katmai experiences integrated with discussion of the park resources and the specialty of interpretation.” In her last year at Dominican Amy was awarded a scholarship from The National Association for Interpretation to attend the National Interpreters Workshop in November, 2007. Amy is now attending the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University (Bloomington), pursuing both an MPA (Masters of Public affairs) and MSES (Masters of Science, Environmental Science) three year academic program.

Jennifer Brick, who received her Bachelor of Arts in Art History in 2004 is currently completing her Master's degree in the History of Art at the Parsons School of Design in New York City.  Jennifer has recently received a prestigious internship position at the Cooper-Hewitt (National Museum of Design, Smithsonian Institution) in New York City.  She will be serving as curatorial assistant for several significant upcoming exhibitions.

Victoria Sheridan, who received her Master of Arts in Humanities degree with an emphasis in Art History from Dominican in 2000, and her MA degree in Art History from U.C. Davis in 2003, has now been advanced to candidacy for her Ph.D. in Art History at the University of Toronto.  Victoria is completing a dissertation on Venetian Baroque Ornament. She has received a number of prestigious fellowships including the Istituto Veneto de Scienze Lettere ed Arti & Ecole du Louvre (2006); Venice International University (2005 & 2006) and will be presenting a paper this fall (2007) titled: "Those Monstrous Ornaments of Vanity:  The Shoe, The Tendril and Silk Stockings in Early Modern Venice." The paper will be presented in England at the International Conference for Popular Culture in the Early Modern World held at the University of Sussex, plus she will be carrying out dissertation research at the British Library in London afterwards.

Amy Stasch was awarded her Bachelor of Arts in May with a Humanities major, environmental emphasis, and a Chemistry minor. She will be attending the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University (Bloomington), pursuing both an MPA (Masters of Public affairs) and MSES (Masters of Science, Environmental Science) this coming fall, for a 3 year academic program.

Sabrina West, who received a Bachelors of Arts in 2006 with a major in Humanities and Cultural Studies, is in her second year at Pacifica Graduate Institute, in the Department of Mythological Studies.

Philip Young, who received his Bachelor of Arts in History this spring, has entered the teaching credential program at Dominican.